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I started breeding dogs almost thirty years ago, in 1988. My breed of choice then was the

Chinese Shar Pei, which was practically unknown in Spain.


But I didn´t come across this other wonderful breed until 14 years ago, thanks to a Boxer I

used to have in those days. Actually, thanks to him and to my bad knee.

Litri, my Boxer, used to love going for walks in the fields that surround my house. My knee, on

the other hand, was not so keen on those walks; Litri was strong and he pulled on the leash,

dragging me along until I could let him loose in the fields. More than once I found myself sprawled

on the ground after crashing into him when he enthusiastically fetched the stick I had thrown him.

But he had a heart of gold. He used to make me laugh; he was such a loving companion.


Suddenly one day it hit me: I would love to have a dog just like a Boxer in appearance and charater, but in a small size, to be able to take him for walks without suffering from a knee ache

afterwards. I searched through my dog books and old Dog World magazines and I rediscovered

the French Bulldog.

Then I looked for a breeder and I found Max. A beautiful pied with a black mask that charmed

me from the start. Thanks to him I discovered that the Frenchy's character was just as funny and loving as that of the Boxer's. They are not just funny, but inteligent, playful, sweet... they've got

it all, including the perfect size, easy to take for walks and to have in any home.


I will never forget the day Max arrived home. My son was only two and he had learned his name,

though he pronounced it ¨Macth¨. We let him out of the transport kennel and he greeted us all, happy to be part of our family. Immediately he went out to the garden with his new friend Litri and both of them brought joy to our days with their playfulness.

Litri, being older, taught him to be patient and to tolerate our cats and Max in return reminded him

what it was like to play like a puppy once again.


I now have four Frenchies. They are part of my family. They give us their unconditional love and thanks to them I do a lot of exercise!!









Max, mi perro, mi amigo. Te echo de menos cada día. Hace casi un año y no puedo pensar en tí sin que se me encoja el corazón. Mi amigo, mi fiel compañero. Nunca te olvidaré. Me diste la fuerza y me lanzaste en esta aventura. DEP mi querido amigo. Nos veremos en la próxima vida, seguro.

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